Git repositories

See Git for instructions on how to deal with our repositories.

Official (GNOME) repository

You should clone and make your own branches based on this repository: git://

Note that git being a decentralized version control system, you do not need commit access to this repository to contribute to the project! You can easily make your own branch and get it merged into master (we have an official project policy to review your contributions within three weeks).

Lack of activity in the main repository does not mean there is no development activity going on (it can be happening in other repositories below).

Old repository was previously the official repository. You should now be using the GNOME one instead.

Frequent contributors' repositories

See The people to know who you're dealing with ;)

Thibault's repository

Used for heavy development work/experimental code before being merged to the main repository

Jeff's repository

Mostly UI/usability fixes or new features

Alex's repository

Older/inactive frequent contributor repositories

Alessandro's repository

Brandon's repository

Other known repositories

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