Mac OS X

Mac OS X is a funny kind of Unix, but it's a Unix and should be able to run Pitivi. It's also popular -- even lots of open source types lug around a MacBook of some kind. Think of applications as a free software gateway drug! ;)

Current status

Pitivi runs pretty well on Mac, but consider it alpha quality. A few bugs have been filed already. If you are interested please get in touch!

Besides fixing bugs, we need to prepare somehow out of the Homebrew formula a proper Mac app. Help is welcome!


First install Homebrew then run:

 brew install aleb/gui/pitivi

To run Pitivi, run in a terminal:


Please report bugs to phabricator.


Mac OS X has a few major differences from Linux:

  • GTK+ uses Quartz backend instead of X11
  • When building for multi-arch, a single filesystem hierarchy with “fat binaries” is used, rather than separate directories for libs/executables in each arch.
    • This causes some issues with gobject-introspection, in that attempting to support multi-arch (“Universal”) builds requires adjusting paths to the gir files. Currently this has been removed from cerbero's build scripts, so you'll only get a 64-bit build. But this might change again.
  • Applications are usually “bundled” into relocatable '' directories which encapsulate their binaries, libraries, and shared data.

Development environment

Have a look at HACKING to see how to clone a local repository.

To be able to run ./configure, you need to add /usr/local/opt/gettext/bin/ to PATH so that msgfmt can be found.

You should be able to run bin/pitivi

The results of the search are