This is intended to be a general overview of the very important or big features/improvements we are working on, or planning. For a list of smaller features see fun tasks for newcomers.

What keeps us busy in general?

  • Fixing bugs. Improving reliability and ease of use is never “done”. We have tons of work. Help is very welcome!
  • Improving GStreamer. This benefits not only Pitivi, but other multimedia applications as well.
  • Working on features: Until we reach 1.0, only if they improve stability.

High-level roadmap

Any time estimates here are mostly wild guesses. Do not treat them as hard deadlines. This aims mostly at giving an idea of how milestones follow each other.

  • 2019 Q4: release 1.0 with ponies and rainbows

See Current events for past items.

Major features

Besides the items below we care about, see also the list of GSoC project ideas.

Motion ramping, time stretching

Effects UI

Hardware-accelerated decoding and encoding

  • Since GStreamer 1.2, the basic infrastructure allowing us to cleanly take advantage of the video decoding capabilities of modern graphic cards is there. We need to ensure that our planned usecases are properly supported with the most common graphic drivers (through VA-API) and to make the integration work in Pitivi.

The results of the search are