Rendering Profiles

Here is a first attempt at defining a list of useful “common scenarios” exporting profiles. Each profile serves to limit the incredible amount of codecs/settings combinations to keep them relevant to the user's intended publishing medium. If the user doesn't fit in those presets, he probably knows what he is doing/what he wants and will use the “Custom...” approach, or perhaps make his own preset for later reuse.

See also: Rendering Profiles Implementation

  • Tapes and disks / (“publishing”?)
    • DVD
      • NTSC, PAL, etc.
    • ~~VCD and SVCD~~
      • Obsolete. Who still uses them these days, when you can burn inexpensive DVDs and you can even burn Blu-ray?
    • DV
      • (intended for almost-lossless editing, for back-up, or exporting to tape...)
    • HDV
    • High Definition / Bluray
      • (don't know if bluray has anything specific compared to regular HD)
  • Devices
    • iPod / iPhone / iWhatever
    • PlayStation 3
  • Internet
    • HTML 5 streaming video
      • Theora + Vorbis with the streaming-friendly switches
      • ~~Maybe H.264~~
      • Webm VP8
      • A bitrate calculator that takes into amount the server's available upload bandwidth and amount of simultaneous connections would be a nice feature
    • Youtube / Vimeo / Blip / DailyMotion / Google Video / Facebook / Myspace
      • Support limitations of each? For example, filesize and duration. Timelines longer than the maximum duration could be automatically split into multiple parts if the user wishes it.
    • Email
      • (I see “normal” people emailing themselves videos quite often)
      • maybe the same as for HTML 5 video
    • Flash video (for embedding in Flash files)
  • Other
    • Video for OpenOffice presentations (intended for easy embedding in an Impress slideshow)
    • Preview/draft (low resolution, low quality, optimized for speed, intended for rendering quickly and having a preview)
    • Custom...

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