Rendering Profiles Implementation

This is a page to track all the issues related to the general redesign/refactoring of project “profiles” (a.k.a. presets or templates) and all the related user interfaces (Project settings dialog, Rendering dialog, Startup wizard). There are dozens of bug reports and mockups scattered in the bug tracker. This page is an attempt to bring those into a cohesive whole.

See tracker bug 630751 for the meta-bug that tracks all the other bugs related to this.

Current overall status

As such, this page is mostly obsolete.

Project profiles (emdash's branch)

The goal is to allow Rendering Profiles, and allow the user to save custom profiles.

Waiting for emdash to finish the job :)

Project settings dialog

  • “Save as default” button (bug 622079): obsolete/useless, we should implement a “Last used settings” profile instead, selected by default.

Should allow/calculate any framerates bug 584048

  • also affects render dialog
  • already implemented in emdash's branch?

Do not block settings when applying a template bug 580167

  • already obsoleted in emdash's branch?


by Andreas Nilsson (in bug 615337

by nekohayo:

Note: the selected preset must default to “Last settings”, except if the last settings were == one of the presets.

Current implementation

Old and needs work:

Rendering dialog

Should basically be a clone of the project settings dialog with a couple of additional options.

Current implementation

Needs work:

Startup wizard

  • Implement the first part (the start wizard itself; see the screenshot above and bug 615570)
  • When clicking “Create new project...”, simply call the new “Project settings” window (see mockup above). That dialog defaults its preset to the “Last used settings” project preset/profile, this way the user doesn't have to do more than 2 clicks.
    • If the user cancels out that window, come back to the startup wizard,
    • If the user OKs that window, then we're done.

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