0.92 Release “Baby Steps”

The Pitivi team is proud to announce the second alpha release of the new version of Pitivi based on GES, the GStreamer Editing Services library. This is a incremental bugfixing release, so please make sure to see the 0.91 release notes to get the full picture.

WARNING: Please keep in mind that this is still an alpha release, so there may be some bugs we haven't found yet. We appreciate your feedback, so try it out, let us know how well it works for you and report detailed bugs for issues you may encounter. Again, this is not yet considered production-ready software.

That said, one month after 0.91, with the feedback we have received so far, we are pretty confident that the new release series is of much higher quality than the 0.15 series and older.

Changes and fixed bugs

Executive summary:

  • Fix a bug where transitions would stop working
  • Fix the handling of rendering parameters
  • Fixes for the keyframes UI in the timeline
  • Usability improvements for the welcome dialog
  • Update the preview immediately when adding an effect
  • Fixes for AppData XML spec compliance
  • Various build and packaging fixes
  • Drop the PyXDG dependency
  • Translations have been updated

See the list of reported bugs that have been fixed in 0.92.

General fixes:

   e33598c ui/startupwizard: Force ButtonBox items to have a homogeneous/uniform width
   b9f62d7 Keep the welcome dialog shown when clicking Missing`` ``dependencies...
   4dcbf5c elements: Set clip inpoints to prevent keyframes from breaking on split/trim
   1de8d96 previewers: stop waveforms and thumbnails generation when removing clips
   2cb9298 mainwindow: Make it possible to save project when an asset moved
   bfe4154 project: Avoid to work with read only caps
   79fb9ab render: Take into account video size scaling value when rendering
   e43c54d project: Always set auto-transition to true on newly created timelines
   dcb9b68 effects: Commit the timeline when adding an effect.
   4936135 keyframes: If the length of the line is inferior to one pixel, don't draw it.

Build/packaging fixes:

   c316cc1 Apply minor changes to make AppData XML file friendlier to distributions
   8159d23 Drop dependency on PyXDG, use GLib instead
   5c94a24 build: Don't attempt locale-uninstalled bits if DESTDIR is set
   6490a95 bin: Fix GI_TYPELIB_PATH mistakes
   308f18c bin: Build gst-devtools only if in developer mode
   078b71b bin: Better handling of gst version and add default scenario path
   306e880 bin: Do not build GI and PyGobject if not necessary


Dependencies/requirements have changed significantly since the 0.15 series, but have stayed mostly the same since 0.91 (pyxdg was dropped as a dependency).

Generally speaking, you can refer to Pitivi's check.py for the dependencies' versions specific to a given release. See also dependencies for additional tips.

Known issues

Please see the 0.91 release notes.

See the list of currently known issues, the 0.91 and 0.92-specific issues and the list of bugs that need re-testing with 0.91 and 0.92 (you can help!)

Contributors for this release

In Pitivi:

    9  Thibault Saunier
    6  Jean-François Fortin Tam
    6  Mathieu Duponchelle
    3  Colin Walters
    2  Fran Diéguez
    1  Cheng-Chia Tseng
    1  Claude Paroz
    1  Daniel Mustieles
    1  Marek Černocký
    1  Martin Srebotnjak
    1  Rafael Ferreira
    1  Rūdolfs Mazurs
    1  Timo Jyrinki
    1  Мирослав Николић


    5  Thibault Saunier
    2  Kishore Arepalli
    2  Mathieu Duponchelle

Download, additional information and feedback

A tarball is available on http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/pitivi/0.92/

See the Pitivi website and [building with GES](building_with_ges.md for download and installation instructions.

Feedback is welcome. See bug reporting for tips and tricks.

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