Past GSoCs

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  • Abhishek Kumar Singh refactored the Media Library to use a single Gtk.FlowBox for both the Icon view and the List view modes. This allowed implementing tagging of the clips in the Media Library.
  • Ayush Mittal simplified the Render Dialog to avoid overwhelming people, while still allowing full control. The new UI asks only about the desired render preset and quality, taking care of the rest.
  • Vivek R implemented object tracking. This required a new GStreamer element which uses OpenCV to track an object. A new UI perspective allows tracking objects and editing the tracked data. For now it's possible to cover each tracked object with a colored rectangle.



  • Harish Fulara implemented a framework for showing different UI perspectives. The existing main UI has been refactored into the EditorPerspective, and the welcome dialog has been replaced by a new gorgeous and modern GreeterPerspective.
  • Suhas Nayak worked on the slow motion support in GES, but had to interrupt.
  • Yatin Maan implemented support for Scaled Proxies.




  • Fabián Orccón worked on the Pitivi, GES, GStreamer stack to allow using image sequences.
  • Lubosz Sarnecki worked on implementing a new OpenGL based transformation effect to be used for the transformation UI.


  • Anton Belka worked on the initial implementation of proxies in GES (see proxy editing requirements).
  • Joris Valette started work on slow/fast-motion in GStreamer.
  • Mathieu Duponchelle worked on heavy bugfixing all across the Pitivi, GES and GStreamer stack, allowing us to release 0.91 at the end of the summer.
  • Simon Corsin worked on various pieces alongside Mathieu, such as the new waveforms renderer.


  • Matas Brazdeikis implemented a new UI Test suite using Dogtail. He also started the implementation of a title editing user interface.
  • Paul Lange implemented a manual layer controls user interface for the timeline.
  • Volodymyr Rudoy spent some time designing the GES “Materials” (now known as Assets) API.

In addition, we also co-mentored Pēteris Krišjānis who worked on an audio waveform generation and display library for GStreamer (see his post-summer report).



  • Thibault Saunier implemented with the core backend developers special effects. He also worked in close collaboration with Jeff on the user interface and testing.




2007 ― Simple TimelineNo description available

2011 ― Rendering Presets ProposalNo description available

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