This page lists some of the positive comments/praise we have received.

In the Media

“Here's the thing. I have found a legitimate video editor for Linux, that is more powerful than Lightworks, that uses the latest GTK technologies, and it's available to run right now with one download, no proprietary counter. It's Pitivi. They just had a brand new version, 0.95, and it's a huge, huge deal. I'm not joking, this is a really big deal. [...] They've been essentially working on this release for over a year, and they have done SO. MUCH. WORK. It's almost an entirely new product. They've redone everything. [...] This looks like an actual video editor! [...] If you're familiar with Final Cut this is going to be a familiar editing experience for you. [...] This is a whole new deal. I'm excited.”

— Chris Fisher on the Linux Action Show, episode 392 (from 22 to 32 mins), 2015

“Pitivi es uno de los mejores editores de vídeo para Linux que he se puede encontrar en la actualidad. La interfaz es sencilla y agradable a la vista, no hay complicaciones de ningún tipo… una de esas perlas de software que no se ven a menudo y que conviene tener siempre a mano.” (translated: “One of the best video editors for Linux that I can find today. The interface is simple and pleasing to the eye, no complications... a rare gem that you don't see often in the software world, and something you should have on hand.”

UpToDown, September 11, 2012

“It is a testimony to Pitivi's stability that the only problems I found with it were minor. (...) Obviously the big plus is the vast assortment of effects available, and how easy they are to configure and use. But the collective effect of the UI improvements (settings presets, detachable tabs) and other enhancements (fully adjustable frame rates, media previews) make for a better editing experience as well.”, July 6th, 2011

“What impresses me about Pitivi isn't so much that it's a flexible multimedia editor — we have a handful of those already in the Linux community. What I think sets Pitivi apart is that it makes video editing intuitive. I don't generally create or edit video files, but I was able to jump right in with this application. I didn't have any need for a manual or tutorial (...). Pitivi has an interface which allows people to learn by doing without a bunch of scary options or jargon. Almost everything is drag-n-drop with this editor and I feel it lowers the bar for people interested in putting together their own videos.”

DistroWatch, October 25th, 2010

“(...) I have to say the work Thibault and the Pitivi guys have done is incredible. Truly. (...) The wide selection of effects and the ease in which they can be added/used is so simple and user-intuitive it can’t help but stoke your creative fire. (...) The process for editing/adjusting clip effects in Pitivi certainly scores one up here. Where OpenShot hides effect preferences behind right-clicks and extra windows Pitivi puts them slapbang where you can see and access them equalling a usability plus. All of this is done in real-time, too: As soon as you drag an effect on a clip it’s instantly applied. This makes workflow irrepressibly speedy; you can see what works and what doesn’t straight away. (...) I am utterly, utterly astounded by the quality, handling & fantastic interface this has gained in such a short amount of time. It is a absolute credit to the talents of the team behind this – and it’s not even released yet!”

OMG! Ubuntu! on the inclusion of special effects in September 2010

“Overall, Pitivi is a promising application. It's a decent video editor with no frills, and intuitive to pick up. And in the tests I ran, Pitivi was rock-solid. This isn't something to be taken for granted. Years ago I spent time editing video with Kino for various projects, and learned to save after nearly every edit or operation.”

ars technica, February 1st, 2010

Other mentions in the media

“I shuddered at the thought of editing on Linux, as every piece of software I'd tried was extremely buggy and always crashed at some point in the process. After seeing a comment in this subreddit, I decided to give Pitivi a chance, and I was blown away. It is not the most feature-packed editor (kdenlive), but it did exactly what I needed it to do: I imported video, made cuts, added transitions, added titles, and rendered out a 30min video to ProRes. Not a single glitch in the whole process. Also, it looks great! If any Pitivi developers are reading, THANK YOU! You have made a functional video editor under Linux. Looking forward to your 1.0 release.”

— theray76 on Reddit, 2017-01-07

“I've spent years looking for a simple, stable video editor to fit into my Linux (GNOME) desktop experience. Flatpak, and Pitivi installation via flapak is simple and it works. Pitivi 0.96 is a great release. It's stable, responsive, and it works. Kudos to the Pitivi developers and wider community. [...] if you're like me, and you've been waiting on the sidelines for a simple, stable video editor for Linux (and in particular the GNOME/GTK environment) then I recommend you give Pitivi 0.96 a try.”

— maheart on Reddit, 2016-07-28

(...) "I have worked as video editor in my earlier life (before I became software programmer), and used Final Cut Pro. I have always been a Linux user though, and have meddled with everything that exist every single year. Cinelerra was always the fall-back that would never really let me down because it was frank about its crashes and they were possible to navigate around.

In later years, I did find Pitivi to be a possible replacement for simple out-to-blog cuts. Especially the version before they added filters. Sadly, the filters-version exposed lots of bugs in the underlying stack and everything became dog-slow and probably quite unstable. I just stuck with that old (now very old) version.

However, the new GES-backed 0.9-line that is aiming at becoming 1.0 is something totally different. It is really shaping up to becoming a quite awesome little video editor and I will be donating happily." (...)

Odin Hørthe Omdal on the 2014 fundraiser coverage article on OMG! Ubuntu!, February 24, 2014

On our IRC channel/elsewhere

  • P Fudd: Thanks again for a great program! I managed to edit my file correctly in the first 5 minutes of using Pitivi, which is far faster than I managed with any other program! (2014 03 14 on bug 719651)
  • Jonathan Duff: I just want to say also I was blown away by how intuitive, versatile (by using GStreamer), and powerful this program is. I'm used to using Adobe Premiere Pro, so I was very impressed when I found this gem. (2010 12 31 at 21h55 UTC)
  • rowinggolfer: Loving the git version. You guys are awesome. I was a Pitivi skeptic until a couple of weeks ago, but I am using it daily to get stuff done with very few issues and a tiny learning curve (2010 02 21 at 13h15 GMT -5)
  • Ants: [...] Might I say, 0.14 has blown me away, it's fantastic! [...] (2011 06 05 on LP #709090)

Ubuntu Software Center reviews

Version 0.15

  • “Works like a charm”:
    Had to do some editing, was quick and simple. (Paulius Šukys, 2014-03-03)
  • “Great little application for quick video editing”:
    If you want to do some quick and simple video editing and exporting then this is a great app for that. Do not expect it to do the world. (Iain Lane, 2011-11-02)
  • “Must Have Video Editor!”:
    Gotta be one of the best I've used! It's definitely gotten WORLDS better than it used to be. (Yanike, 2011-12-14)
  • “My Favorite Video Editor on Ubuntu”:
    I know that OpenShot seems to get a lot more attention as a video editor on Ubuntu, but I find Pitivi to be the better software. For example, I find making the actual cuts, more instinctual on Pitivi, and I'm able to be more precise - It earns a lot of points for that. [...] if you really want to do some efficient editing, I say go with Pitivi. It gets my vote. (DigitalMan, 2011-11-27)
  • “Better than Ever”:
    What else can I say? UI is good, effects are nice and it handles big files (2 GB) without crashing. It took a while, but now Pitivi is finally usable editor with potential! (PYHhfWp, 2011-10-31)
  • “Getting there”:
    It has taken a while, but as of version 0.15.0, Pitivi is both stable for me and presents a sufficient featureset to be useful. Compared to other video editors, I find the UI a pleasure to use. However, it's about time the still missing features (titling and more complex transitions) are implemented. (Alexander Hunziker, 2011-09-29)

On Twitter (in all languages)

  • yurayko I just donated 20€ to the @Pitivi video editor and you should too, because perseverance wins when all else fails (7:29 AM - 23 Nov 2015)
  • mcnelsn Needed a good video editor on Linux. First go-around with @Pitivi and I'm very, very impressed! (1:10am · 30 Sep 2014)
  • P3terFr Je test #Pitivi, un logiciel libre de montage vidéo. C'est aussi bon qu'un Sony Vegas ou un Adobe Premiere ! (4:27 PM - 21 Apr 2013)
  • lornajane Did I mention how much I love ubuntu? Kazam and PiTIVi make screencasting entirely approachable, fantastic tools (4:27 PM - 25 Mar 2013)
  • TheSamsai Oon alkanu tykkää Linuxilla videoiden editoimisesta. Onhan siinä omat pikku mutkat, mut en anna sen haitata. Good job #pitivi developers! (4:08 AM - 15 Sep 2012)
  • Kurobyte Editar un vídeo con Pitivi y que salga mejor que con Vegas Pro e Adobe Premiere. Software Libre Rlz. (5:37 AM - 16 Sep 2012)
  • CharlesYarnold The power of FLOSS! Rerendered the videos in Pitivi and all is happy again. #flossuk (4:20 AM - 21 Mar 12 via TweetDeck)
  • CytecK Me pasan unos vídeos con un codec mpg2 que ningún editor de mac/Pc se lo traga y el puto Pitivi para linux si #epicwin (7:36 AM - 8 Mar 12 via Twitter for Mac)
  • Dylan_Coakley Must give some thanks and praise to the Pitivi video editor, saved my ass because OpenShot kept corrupting my .ogv files! #Pitivi (4:33 AM - 8 Mar 12 via Ubuntu)
  • ubuntufanatic Hmm, my trials creating my Speed Dreams video suggest that Pitivi may be the best video editor for Linux, even despite the trajic name... (12 Feb 2012)
  • marce34 @savermsx Los últimos podcasts los he hecho con Pitivi y va bastante bien (6 Feb 2012)
  • julinux No he encontrado ningún editor de vídeo más rápido y sencillo que Pitivi, es una maravilla de verdad (nivel amateur por supuesto) (11 Sept 2011)
  • altnative Ubuntuについてる「Pitivi動画エディタ」が意外に使えることが判明。flvを食わせると落ちるけど、他の形式だとサクサク編集できる。WindowsMovieMaker2と似たUIなので馴染みやすい。(1 Sep 2011)
  • Valkyri9 Pitivi 1.4.2 has come a long way - hooray for video effects and basic transitions! Another reason I don't need M$ crap! (31 Aug 2011)
  • zeenix new Pitivi UI is much more intuitive (at least now i can do basic stuff without reading lots of docs) (29 Aug 2011)
  • gustawho Editar videos con Pitivi + Publicarlos en FB con Shotwell = Win absoluto. (14 Aug 2011 via web)
  • paxnovem Pitivi just released a new version! Thank you @thiblahute @nekohayo you guys are really turning this project around (13 Aug 2011)
  • leighblackall Pitivi video editor is working great on my new Ubuntu install!! love it when free software works better than paysoft (23 Jul 2011)
  • LinuxBird Vi presentiamo il nostro video promo realizzato con #Gimp e #Pitivi :) #videoediting (7 Jul 2011)
  • Wolfdale64 Pretty impressed the Pitivi video editor in Linux can leverage multiple cores. (24 Jun 2011)
  • MarceloGomezG Pitivi 0.14.0 por fin se está poniendo a la altura. (24 Jun 2011)
  • frefro #Pitivi, en #Ubuntu, hace todo lo que un usuario común necesita! (14 Jun 2011)
  • CabeludoPLC Pitivi está bastante usable #linux (13 Jun 2011)
  • omaregan wow, Pitivi renders to vp8 very cool indeed (2 Jun 2011)
  • oleg_mangutov Wow! Editing video in Pitivi is so easy: 4 hours from 03:00 to 07:00 am and afterparty video is ready. (29 May 2011 via web)
  • Cehars Pitivi sen ne güzel şeymişsin öyle.. :) (9 May 2011)
  • diipad Ohh vaya que grato es el uso de Pitivi, se los recomiendo mucho a esos usuarios que editan video para Vlogs y esas cosas, desde LINUX. (7 Apr 2011)
  • dtumelero estou editando um video no Pitivi, por ser a 1ª vez que mecho parece ser bem simples de usar e tem recursos interessantes (3 Apr 2011)
  • silveira Pitivi tá muito bom. tem seus bugs mas tá quebrando um galhão (2 Apr 2011)
  • Spirotot Using the simple, yet powerful #Pitivi video editor on #Ubuntu to mux/render my #buffer #overflow tutorial... Solid program. (31 Mar 2011)
  • mahmoudhossam Pitivi is now my official video editing software :) (8 Feb 2011)
  • spouyllau monte des films avec #Pitivi sous Ubuntu : dv, ogg, flash : très bon (enfin) ! (29 Jan 2011)
  • jaimekristene I think quite a few people are going to give Pitivi another chance after my talk here at #lca2011 gotten some positive feedback about it. (24 Jan 2011)
  • floydwilde Pitivi has turned out to be the linear digital video editor that works best for me, tried it on ubuntu lucid and mav. (18 Jan 2011)
  • irabinovitch Played with Pitivi, Lives, & Kino for some video editing tonight. Maybe Im just dense but I could only figure out how to do it with Pitivi. (4 Jan 2011)
  • pixelot Rendering a snowmobiling video in #Pitivi. Pretty impressive—a bit buggy, but probably my favorite #Linux video editor so far. (Dec 24 2010)
  • escalant3 Vaya maravilla el Pitivi. Necesitaba pegar cuatro vídeos, nunca lo había usado y lo tengo listo en 5 minutos. Eso es usabilidad... y libre! (Nov 18 2010)
  • BadWolf42 Now if only Pitivi did GPU encoding this would go much, much faster. Still, can't argue with the price! (10 Nov 2010)
  • BadWolf42 So I WAS going to buy video editing software for my HD video, but it turns out that Pitivi in Ubuntu does it for free! WIN (10 Nov 2010)
  • ReneMolenaar been fighting all day long with ffmpeg/mencoder to convert from OGV to FLV....until I tried Pitivi...that program rocks!! (9 Nov 2010)
  • rv Avec Pitivi on peut encoder les vidéos en WebM. Ça va faire plaisir à @LordTonPere ça. #LibérezVP8 ! (9 Nov 2010)
  • creationix xVidCap + Inkscape + Pitivi actually make a great combo for screencasting in linux. (7 Nov 2010)
  • bpxdev Loving the Pitivi video editor at the moment, so simple yet so powerful (Thu Aug 05 2010 10:34:12 (EDT) via TweetDeck)
  • TeraDyne You know, after using it for a while, I think I find Pitivi to be superior to Windows Movie Maker for my needs. :p (Wed Aug 04 2010 05:22:22 (EDT) via web)
  • carlopiana First time ever I have used Pitivi, and it's quite easy for basic video editing once you grasped the basic (RTFM, Carlo, RTFM!) (Fri Jul 30 2010 10:49:09 (EDT) via identica)
  • bigdaddymerk Pitivi is a great open source video editor for Linux, really impressed with it. (Sun Jun 20 2010 18:55:15 (EDT) via dabr)
  • dylanmccall Just found #Pitivi's Quick Start Manual. Wow, it's great! I hope that gets shipped with it some day. Maybe a #Mallard version? :) (Sat Jun 12 2010 00:32:06 (EDT) via Identica)
  • murilomachado editando o #tcc no #Pitivi. Cativante pela simplicidade. Recomendo! #linux #softwarelivre (Sun May 30 2010 13:02:41 (EDT) via web)
  • yaxu Loving Pitivi for simple video editing (Thu May 27 2010 11:10:50 (EDT) via web)
  • MacoLabels Just installed Pitivi Movie Editor ( )on Ubuntu. Can't believe it's free. (Tue May 25 2010 12:12:58 (EDT) via web)
  • RaiHS kids were able to cut-join Videos using #Pitivi video editor (Sat May 22 2010 05:10:22 (EDT) via web)
  • for_django I'm actually using Pitivi to cut some video. An app this simple is pretty much my speed for this particular task. (Tue May 18 2010 14:50:13 (EDT) via identica)
  • rtrappe Installed Ubuntu 10.4. Great software! And finally Gnome has an usable video editor. Happy to forget all my ffmpeg knowledge. #Pitivi (2:58 AM May 16th via Gwibber)
  • gbarrero #Pitivi me salvó la vida jejeje ... I love #Ubuntu 10.04 ;-) (7:45 PM May 6th via Gwibber)
  • ryanprior I just made my first video using #Pitivi on #ubuntu, good experience! So much nicer and easier than #OpenShot, which I had been using. (4:19 PM May 4th via Identica)
  • neried7 @jonobacon i love Pitivi, it's fanfrickintastic. (9:21 AM Apr 22nd via BarnOwl in reply to jonobacon)
  • jonobacon Playing with Pitivi which we now ship on a default Ubuntu 10.04 installation - it is absolutely fantastic! Great work @bilboed (12:19 AM Apr 22nd via Gwibber)
  • Wrinkliez first time trying anything video-editing-related. what im finding is that Pitivi is really all I need— and that kdenlive is buffy as fuck (2:08 PM Apr 17th via API)
  • BranchPlan Just did small experiment with #Pitivi in #ubuntu lucid. Replaced audio of video with song (example content). Worked well and v. easy. (1:46 PM Mar 30th via identica)
  • tristan_2468 The new Pitivi video editing software in #Ubuntu is seriously impressive. (11:08 AM Mar 29th via Gwibber)
  • zootm @rubzo I found Pitivi (out some name similar too that) surprisingly decent. I didn't have huge requirements though. (7:54 AM Mar 28th via Seesmic in reply to rubzo)
  • castrojo @bilboed - Took some video this weekend with my Nexus, mnted it, imported, shuffled things, added music. And done. #Pitivi ftw. (4:23 PM Mar 24th via Gwibber)
  • lucasratmundo Pitivi 0.13.4 is a really nice release. I only miss some basic transitions and video adjustments (brightness, saturation, contrast, etc). (6:05 PM Mar 21st via web)
  • monsterjavaguns Played a bit with Pitivi - I'm actually pretty impressed. Thought that project had been abandoned. Still doesn't do everything I need, tho (2:55 PM Mar 11th via web)
  • thezub I've been experimenting with video editors. Really loving Pitivi. #gnu #linux #Pitivi #gstreamer #freesoftware (9:54 AM Mar 7th via web)
  • acruiz I'm finally managing to put together my first screencast with #Pitivi and #gtk-recordmydesktop! (12:14 PM Feb 20th from web)
  • tueqtle009 Just compiled a video with Pitivi. Unlike Movie Maker, it allows the user to choose the output format. I prefer Theora to WMV. (8:51 AM Feb 19th from Echofon)
  • inorman88 OH MY GAWD! I found a video making program that will handle 5D Mark II 1080p video out of the box. And it's open source for linux. Pitivi (8:05 PM Feb 14th from web)
  • bercolax Pitivi rocks in editing screencasts... Tried it in Ubuntu (9:49 PM Feb 5th from web)
  • yibble Having some fun with Pitivi... Finally, simple video editing for GNU/Linux that doesn't require any actual pro' courses before using. (2:12 PM Jan 25th from HootSuite)
  • ColinMacD Wow, I just edited a video on linux and it wasn't a complete nightmare. Easy and a joy infact! #Pitivi is amazing! (2:05 PM Jan 8th from Mauku)
  • zylogz80 #Pitivi is soooo cool! Like iMove for Linux. Very impressed! (5:46 PM Dec 31st, 2009 from web)
  • F1LT3R Just discovered Pitivi the .ogg video editor for Gnome. “It just works!” And it just works very well. (5:49 PM Nov 28th, 2009 from TweetDeck)
  • rysiekpl Pitivi and UbuntuStudio are absolutely, positively, *awesome*! plus VLC and you get a full-blown video production and streaming solution! :) (4:13 PM Nov 28th, 2009 from identica)
  • EugeniaLoli What does my mother, Pitivi, Kodak and Linux have in common? Find out here ;-) (9:09 PM Nov 27th, 2009 from web)
  • pantoniades needed a simple & easy video editing tool, and #Pitivi was perfect for the job. (9:44 AM Aug 14th, 2009 from Gwibber)
  • herrsteiner #Pitivi helped me to convert a video to #ogg #theora which I strangely couldn't convert on commandline without losing the audio (7:31 PM Aug 13th, 2009 from web)

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