GNonLin is a GStreamer plugin providing a set of elements to ease handling non-linear streams and dynamic pipelines. The goals of the GNonLin elements are:

  • To be GStreamer elements, and therefore integrating themselves perfectly into any GStreamer pipeline,
  • To not use any specific API, except for the GStreamer/GObject API, making them easy to use with any language already supporting the GStreamer API,
  • To provide somewhat of an “editing point-of-view” to using gstreamer (sources, effects, position in time, ...),
  • To be non-destructive.

Initially created to be used in video editors, GNonLin was also made generic so it can be used for audio editors, jukebox applications, slideshows, live editing, etc.

While GNonLin was historically used as the sole editing backend for Pitivi, Jokosher and other applications, it is not recommended to use GNonLin directly anymore, unless you have a special appetite for unwarranted pain and a Ph.D. in nuclear physics. Instead, you should use GES.

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