2008 Architectural Redesign

New architectural redesign for PiTiVi done in 2008. This page (and its children) are obsolete and kept mostly for historical purposes.


The following documents are supposed to be read in order:

  1. High Level design This is an overview of the new design of PiTiVi. Read this first.
  2. Project Specifications of the Project object
  3. ObjectFactory Specifications of ObjectFactory and it's known subclasses/interfaces.
  4. Streams Specifications of Streams.
  5. Pipeline Specifications of Pipeline, and the interaction between Pipeline and Action/Consumer/Producer.
  6. Timeline Specifications of the Timeline and the TimelineObjects
  7. Tracks Specifications of the timeline's Tracks and the TrackObjects
  8. Formatter Specifications of the Formatter(s) and the interaction with other parts of Core.
  9. Browsers Specifications of the various Browserss and their interaction with other parts of Core.

Other pages

Yet more historical pages that predated this redesign initiative:


High-level DesignNo description available

ProjectNo description available

ObjectFactoryNo description available

StreamsNo description available

PipelineNo description available

TimelineNo description available

FormatterNo description available

BrowsersNo description available

Design ThoughtsNo description available

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