A Formatter is responsible for:

  • Storing a Project and all of its contents for later usage, and/or
  • Creating a Project and all of its contents.

A default Formatter will always be available for storing/creating projects under the internal PiTiVi project file format.

New Formatters can be provided through plugins.

A non-exhaustive list of potential Formatters:

  • AAF, used by FCP, Avid, ...
  • Playlists:
    • EDL
    • ASX
    • ...
  • Application specific formats for Cinelerra, kino, kdenlive, ...
  • Application specific formats for FCP, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, ...
  • Online storages
    • MetaVid

A Formatter can provide its own type of ObjectFactory provided it is a subclass of a known valid ObjectFactory (SourceFactory, OperationFactory).


  • loadProject(location) : returns a new Project fully loaded.
  • storeProject(project,location) : stores the given Project at the given location.
  • canHandle(location) : Test whether the Formatter can handle the given location.

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