2008 Jog and Shuttle controls

This is just a proposal for bringing frame seeking to the user interface in advanced mode. If you want to follow the development progress read 2008 Jog and Shuttle controls code experiment

Screen Mockups

With standard gtk controls

With a custom jog control

Glade source file is available upon request.



  • current: a linkbutton control with which a random position can be manually entered
  • zoom: this is of lower priority which allows to set the zooming level of the image (either fit or a percentage)
  • total: total time of the clip
  • jog: with the left mouse down you can jump to previous frames by moving left or to next frames by moving right
  • shuttle: with the left mouse down you can rewind or forward with variable speeds

The current and total controls should be able to display in units of frames or time.


  1. current & total
  2. jog (not custom control)
  3. shuttle
  4. refactor so that it can work as a widget independently of pitivi with plain pipelines
  5. zoom
  6. jog (as custom control)

About myself

I am willing to work on this but will need mentoring. My background:

  • graduated as architect and visual/video artist (I care about aesthetics and UI design)
  • experience of python (no C or C++)
  • plenty of gui experience with wxpython
  • author of SPE (Python IDE - http://pythonide.stani.be), Phatch (Photo Batch Processor - http://photobatch.stani.be) & sdxf.
  • new to pygtk and gstreamer -> mentoring needed
  • I don't have a lot of time so I prefer to focus on something I need myself and I can finish
  • working on ubuntu


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