0.11.0 Release : A hooligan's game played by gentlemen

The PiTiVi team is proud to announce the first release in the unstable 0.11 PiTiVi series.

Expect a new release every 3-weeks, regardless of current code status.

This release series is not intended to be production-ready, but instead to allow users to try more often new features that will be available in the next stable series.

The developers will not be held accountable for any work lost, flooding or war caused by this unstable series.

Features of this release

  • Merging of all the 2007 Summer-Of-Code branch
  • Simple timeline improvements : trimming and moving of sources
  • Simple timeline improvement : volume change
  • Advanced timeline re-activated
  • Advanced timeline features : cutting and moving of sources
  • Plugin framework added
  • File save/load framework added, not activated yet
  • i18n support, translated in 16 languages

Bugs Fixed

  • 335505 : [Simple Timeline] No obviosu way to remove a clip
  • 405462 : Dragging from nautilus over sourceliste and timeline makes pitivi crash
  • 430685 : [Simple Timeline] Shuffling clips around repeatedly hangs PiTiVi
  • 430695 : [Advanced Timeline] cannot move clips around
  • 456260 : Use decodebin2 for temporary clips.
  • 456289 : Progressbar assertion failed when rendering project
  • 456297 : ZeroDivisionError when rendering a project

List of bugs fixed on Bugzilla


  • gstreamer >= 0.10.14
  • gst-python >= 0.10.6
  • gnonlin >= 0.10.9
  • pygtk >= 2.8.0
  • zope-interface
  • python setuptools


  • Edward Hervey
  • Brandon Lewis
  • Luca Della Santina
  • Thijs Vermeir


PiTiVi source tarballs are available on gnome FTP: http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/pitivi/0.11/

See the website for distribution-specific packages.

Information and Feedback

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