0.15.1 Release “Endless Excursion”

Warning: do not use this release, see 0.15.2 instead.

This was a special bug fix release to prevent PiTiVi from entering an endless recursion, due to a change introduced in the GStreamer “good” plugins. It was meant to ensure that PiTiVi keeps working with the latest gst releases.

Translations have also been updated.

Dependencies/requirements have been unchanged since the 0.15 release.


Ranked by commits:

    4  Jean-François Fortin Tam
    3  Matej Urbančič
    2  Bruno Brouard
    2  Cheng-Chia Tseng
    2  Daniel Mustieles
    2  Marek Černocký
    2  Mario Blättermann
    2  Sylvia Sánchez
    1  Brian Grohe
    1  Daniel Korostil
    1  Daniel Nylander
    1  Gabor Kelemen
    1  Gil Forcada
    1  Joan Duran
    1  René Stadler
    1  Server Acim
    1  Stas Solovey
    1  Taijuin
    1  Timo Jyrinki
    1  Мирослав Николић

Bugs Fixed

  • 662311 Upgrading to git master of plugins-good breaks pitivi and jokosher
  • 656652 Bad strings for translation

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