0.97 Release

As of August 8th, 2016, the Pitivi team is proud to announce the seventh beta release of Pitivi toward the 1.0 version.

This is considered a beta release since the “big picture” remains “making Pitivi stable”. Note that while we use the word “beta” here, this is the latest “stable” release, and is the one we recommend over all previous ones.

Pitivi works well for us and we make nice movies with it. Try it out, have fun and report detailed bugs for issues you may encounter!

Changes and completed tasks

18 tasks have been closed. See the list of reported tasks that have been resolved in 0.97.

Since the 0.96 release, 65 commits were made in Pitivi, fixing many bugs and implementing the following features:

  • The rendering dialog has been reworked to clearly state what encoders and muxer are officially supported (and GES integration tests have been added to check those)
  • The build system has been ported to Meson ‐ gst-transcoder is now a subproject
  • Usual bug fixes

Requirements changes

  • We still depend on GStreamer 1.8.2
  • We still depend on Gtk 3.20
  • We now depend on gst-transcoder 1.8.2

Generally speaking, you can refer to the bottom of Pitivi's check.py for the dependencies' versions specific to a given release. See also dependencies for additional tips.

Known issues

See the list of currently known issues

Contributors for this release

Pitivi code:

23 Thibault Saunier
21 Alexandru Băluț
 6 Jakub Brindza
 1 Lubosz Sarnecki
 1 Mahmoud Khalil

Pitivi translations:

   es  Daniel Mustieles
   hu  Balázs Meskó
   pl  Piotr Drąg
pt_BR  Laudivan Freire de Almeida, Rafael Fontenelle
   pt  Tiago Santos
   sk  Dušan Kazik

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