Pitivi development website

This is the documentation for planning/contributing to Pitivi, the Free and Open Source video editor based on GStreamer. If you're looking for documentation on how to use Pitivi, check out our User's Manual (also available directly inside the application)!

To edit the website edit the markdown files in our git repo in the docs/ and follow our developer instructions.

Contributors' documentation

See the Developer documentation section page for a complete listing of documentation aimed at contributing to Pitivi. Here is a small overview/some starting points taken from that category:

See also the Contributing page on the website (includes a “Why contribute to Pitivi?” section).

Tools to help you get started

Ways to communicate

Random stuff

Pages that need to be reworked/deleted

The pages in these categories need to be reworked. Help is welcome! Also, feel free to tag pages with these categories should you find that a page is woefully incomplete or outdated:

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