The people

This page is intended for new community members to know who to “go to” for specific issues, as well as highlight the great work of our contributors. You might have noticed that some of us are connected at all times (using an IRC proxy such as bip). Being connected does not necessarily mean we are in front of the computer: if we have an Away status, you need to be patient when asking questions as we might be temporarily offline or on different timezones. We'll see your messages when we reconnect using our IRC client.

Current maintainers:

  • Thibault Saunier: developer and current project maintainer, GSoC 2010 student
    • Knows all the technical/architectural decisions
    • Knows GES inside-out
  • Alexandru “aleb” Băluț: Bug fixer, UI polisher, unittest juggler

Previous (co-)maintainers:

  • Jean-François “nekohayo” Fortin Tam: UI designer and occasional developer, tester, bug triager, documentation writer, webmaster.
    • Knows about the vast majority of existing bugs (since he triages them)
    • Elaborates the project's vision. Knows about design decisions, existing or missing features
    • Offers guidance/mentoring to get acquainted with the project. In case of doubt, go to him!
  • Mathieu Duponchelle: hardcore bug fixer, GSoC 2011 and 2013 student
  • Edward “bilboed” Hervey: founder of the project. Knows GStreamer and GNonlin inside-out. Retired from the Pitivi project to focus on GStreamer.
  • Brandon “emdash” Lewis: features and UI work between 2008-2010.
  • Alessandro “twi_” Decina: backend work between 2009-2010.

A lot of Google Summer of Code students have been contributed to Pitivi and GES.

Occasional community members and contributors include many other people. See also to get a historic sense of scale.

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